A themed condo is part fantasy experience and part customer service. The service part stems from the idea that when people know what to expect they feel treated because expectations match experience. When these ideals are aligned, evaluation is less subjective. That can mean better reviews, more returning customers, and possibly higher rents.

The Blue Mountain Resort is a good example of a themed property. Designed to look like a European ski village, it suspends belief momentarily so visitors can immerse themselves in a winter holiday dream. Your condo would be better positioned for success if it amplified the same themes and emotional triggers: match the room to the vacation to create something really special.

In Collingwood, there are two distinct seasons for tourists: summer beaches and winter ski slopes. Let’s have a look at how to create a theme for each one. Let’s start with the foundation of the decor, paint and furniture. Both should be neutral to accommodate two themes. Beige or oyster white paint work for winter and summer scenes. That’s really the objective: to create an editable scene to receive accessories for both seasons.

Winter ski season is about connecting with nature through exercise. It evokes memories of playing outside and coming back to a warm house for a satisfying meal and a good night of sleep. Consider how a log bench in the entryway might set the mood for first-time guests. As they move to the living area, deep red and green cushions with bold patterns invite them to the sofa. A bundle of birch logs in front of the electric fireplace is an imaginative touch. Found some old snow shoes at an auction? Why not hang them on the wall? Drapes to match the cushions continue the theme. More is more, always. It may seem over the top to you but your guests will love it. After all, they’re only staying a few days and they want the full monty.

When summer time arrives, and the guests are expecting to spend their days on the beach or at the pool, continue that experience in their room. The log bench is replaced with a barn-board bench and a blue framed mirror. The couch cushions can be replaced with striped pillows in teal and aqua. If you are able to buy just the covers for each season, that will allow them to be cleaned regularly and changed without the added cost of additional pillows. Take away the birch log bundle from the fireplace and add a display of artificial sunflowers. Remove the snow shoes from the wall and replace with a picture of a sailboat. Add white cotton curtains to complete the breezy summer look.

It’s not necessary to buy new accessories. In fact, the theme may look more authentic if the pieces are old, but clean, examples. If the floors are hard surface, it’s an opportunity for an area rug. Continue the theme to every detail from placemats to towels. The more complete the illusion the more guests will appreciate it.

The final step is to advertise your property with a description that is updated twice each year. Each theme should have an explicit description and use plenty of emotional key words such as cozy or cool, snug or spacious. Sell your condo as an experience to enjoy success as an Airbnb host.

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