Luxury hotels have long known that a quality sleep experience is remembered by guests. In fact, some guests are loyal to particular hotels because of the beds. Take your Airbnb accommodation to the next level with an ultra comfortable bed that will result in repeat customers and rave reviews. Bed comfort should be the most outstanding, most memorable feature of the room so that guests returning from Blue Mountain skiing will take pleasure in a deep, winter slumber.

There are several components that make up the perfect bed for guests: comfort, the right temperature, quality materials, and cleanliness. Comfort depends on the individual but most agree that even support and a thick pillow top contribute to a good sleep. Look for two layers of coils with a memory foam cover. Softness is rated as plush, semi-firm, and firm. The softness you choose can be described in your ad for differentiation: “the softest, most luxurious mattress you’ve ever slept on” would be a good description for a plush pillow top. If you’re not sure which one to choose, semi-firm is a nice choice.

Temperature is controlled partly by the use of cooling fabrics and built-in warmers. In winter, a puffy down comforter provides even warmth and a cloud-like lightness. A bedspread made of yak down feels like cashmere and is a wonderfully warm addition as a foot warming throw or spread it out full size for an indulgent nordic experience. In summer, switch the down duvet and bedspread for lightweight cotton covers with textured patterns for airflow.

It may be surprising to know that 500 thread-count sheets can be purchased at department store white sales for 50% off. White is a classic but maybe experiment with other colours, such as medium blue or beige to dress things up. Preserve the quality by air drying only. If you must use a dryer, select the lowest (or no heat) setting. High thread count sheets will become more luxurious every time you wash them as the cotton fibres expand and become locked tighter together. Take it to the next level by scenting sheets with an herbal sheet spray.

Cleanliness is the number one attribute people look for in short-term accommodation. The bed should be above reproach. Some people will take the sheets off the bed to see how clean the mattress is. That means using a suitable mattress protector that can be washed. Stains from a morning coffee in bed will be a major turn off for the next guest. The duvet is often overlooked when discussing bedding hygiene. It’s impractical to launder the duvet itself but having selection of covers is a good idea. After each guest, launder the duvet cover and the mattress protector. Don’t forget to wash the decorative pillow covers, too.

Making your accommodation stand-out from the competition is a win-win situation for guest and host alike. By setting priorities on what constitutes a good night of sleep, and advertising the steps you’ve taken to provide that setting for guests, will attract people who value your way of doing things. When you set the bar as high as possible for comfort, quality, and cleanliness you’re creating new opportunities to market to a better class of client and one that may be willing to pay more to receive the royal treatment at your Airbnb rental.

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