Traditional spring cleaning was intended to purge the home of soot and other particulates that accumulated over the winter when when doors and windows were closed. The open hearth that was once the centrepiece in the home has been replaced with efficient and clean ranges and central heating. Our homes are now much healthier places to live.

Spring cleaning can be a fun and educational ritual that formally invites the new season. Winter clothing is put into storage and replaced with spring and summer-wear. Spring decorating can begin in anticipation of summer.

A whole-home clean begins with an inventory of the closets and basement. Sorting out the items you no longer use and donating them to a thrift store will give you more room to work. Gently used garments, electronics, and housewares are always welcome. Removing things you don’t want, or use will make your home feel bigger. Edit the clutter to make some room for your inevitable garage sale finds during the summer.

Drapes can be given a refreshing tumble in the dryer. Use heat to kill dust mights and shake out particulates. Take them out of the dryer before it stops and rehang immediately to avoid wrinkles. Call us for a quote to clean your horizontal and vertical blinds.

Washing the walls is a wonderful way to make a room brighter and smell fresher. Store bought cleaners such as Fantastik and Formula 409 are excellent for stubborn spots and smudges on painted surfaces, including drywall. Clean by spraying the product directly on the wall and wiping with a damp cellulose sponge or terry cloth rag (a synthetic sponge seems to leave dirt on the wall).

To wash the entire wall, these cleaners can be added to a gallon of very warm water (1c. or 250ml per gallon). Rinse the cloth often in the bucket for best results. If you prefer a more natural cleaner, trisodium phosphate (TSP) and some dish detergent will work well. If you’re thinking about painting, you will definitely need to wash the walls first and TSP is usually recommended by paint stores.

Clean windows are essential to enjoy your home to the fullest. Lighthouse Windows provides professional window cleaning services in Collingwood and the surrounding communities. Our patented ‘clean water process’ leaves windows spotless from hard water deposits and streak-free. Window screens are removed and cleaned separately. We have the equipment to clean even the highest windows, inside and outside.