Professional Window Cleaning

Lighthouse Group is your local specialist for window cleaning. We have experience with all types of property, including residential or commercial. Our Collingwood window cleaning service offers custom packages tailored to the needs of our customers, from Wasaga Beach in South Georgian Bay to Meaford and inland.

Clean windows allow nature’s beauty to come into your home or business. Extra light and a clear view outside elevate your space to its maximum potential.

From homes and retail units to multi-storey apartment buildings and condo blocks through to business parks and hospitals, each of our customers receives the same attention to detail.

Using the latest Pure Water window cleaning equipment, our fully trained staff will make your windows look like new. We are dedicated to providing the best window cleaning service possible.

Please contact us to arrange for a free site survey and quote for your next window cleaning job.

Our window cleaning method

We use a Pure Water system, which employs a four-stage filtration system to deliver pure, clean water to the window.

  • Utilizes reverse osmosis, carbon, sediment and deionized filters to produce 100% pure water to ensure a spot-free finish
  • No chemicals or detergents are used, making this process environmentally friendly and free of streaks or residue
  • Water-fed poles allow us to clean most windows up to 65 feet from the ground without ladders, scaffolds, or fall-arrest systems
  • The technician remains on the ground for maximum safety and minimal impact to landscaping

Traditional window cleaning leaves behind a sticky soap residue which attracts fresh dirt back to the window. Windows cleaned with the Pure Water actually stay clean longer. The Pure Water system is the method for high window cleaning preferred by professionals around the world.

Collingwood window cleaning for residential and commercial buildings
Collingwood window cleaning for residential and commercial buildings

Serving these areas

  • Owen Sound
  • Meaford
  • Blue Mountains
  • Thornbury
  • Collingwood
  • Wasaga Beach
  • Barrie
  • South Georgian Bay

Window screen cleaning

Professional results guaranteed

Are your window screens dirty or blocked with dust and debris? Did you know that dirty screens collect dirt even faster than clean ones? Dirty screens obstruct your view, reduce light transmission, and trap debris between the screen and the window. That increases the amount of dust that attaches to your windows and enters your home when windows are open.

Freshly cleaned screens are almost invisible and improve indoor air quality. That’s why it’s important to make screen cleaning part of your routine home maintenance.

We use the Aztek Innovation Screen Washer, which has four screen brushes to thoroughly cleans the entire screen in seconds. Cleans screens as large as a standard patio door screen.

We remove the screens from the window frame then gently rinse loose debris and dust from the surface. Next, we use a soft bristle brush to loosen and remove embedded dirt from the screen and the metal frame. Finally, another rinse with clear water makes the screen look like new. After a short drying period, the screen is replaced into the window frame.

We also clean the window tracks of dirt and debris and this can be added to your window cleaning service.

Health & safety

Our window cleaning team receives regular health and safety awareness training. At Lighthouse Group, safety is always top-of-mind and it shows in our work habits and cleanliness on the job site.

Quality control

Our window cleaning teams strive to deliver consistent, quality service.

  • Pre-planned schedules to ensure appointment times kept as promised
  • Before we clean your windows, a manager will do a complimentary site inspection and quote
  • On completion, we’ll send a request for a customer testimonial and social media review

Our management team conducts regular, independent quality checks to be certain that our service is to the highest standards. These procedures give our clients the assurance of consistent service quality and the confidence to recommend us to friends and family. We welcome your comments and feedback!

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