There is nothing like a thick, white towel after a shower or bath. A pure cotton towel that has been well-laundered feels and smells wonderful. It’s an experience your AirBnB guests won’t forget.

If you’re thinking of restocking the linen closet, watch for white sales at local department stores and online. For example, The Bay has a white sale twice a year and their stock is very nice quality. You can often pick-up individual pieces for 50% off. Compare brand names and store labels carefully. A department store brand, or affiliate brand, can be an exceptional value. Always choose 100% cotton for the best performance and feel. Guests will prefer white towels as they represent cleanliness.

All linens, including towels, should be washed thoroughly before first use. The factory will often rinse the finished piece in fabric softener so the towel will feel soft for the consumer. This coating can be washed out using a cup of vinegar and your usual normal amount of detergent in the first wash. You’ll notice how much fluffier the towels feel after the fibres have opened.

Expensive towels don’t need much more care than everyday ones, although in a hotel setting guests may use towels carelessly. It might be helpful to remember that chlorine bleach will remove stains but over time it can cause yellowing. Oxygen bleaches, such as OxyClean, are made of hydrogen peroxide and won’t yellow fabrics. Always be sure to use a whitening agent so that towels are completely sanitized and free of stains. This is very important if you are an AirBnB host.

Skip the fabric softener in the washer and the dryer sheets as they can make the towel less absorbent. Dry thoroughly to avoid mildew and remove from the dryer immediately to avoid wrinkles.

Tips and tricks of the pros

To restore expensive towels, begin with a wash in hot water with a scoop of oxygen bleach. Choose the maximum clean cycle on the washer. Repeat without drying between washes. If the fabric still has a yellowish tint, add Mrs. Stewart’s Laundry Bluing to the wash. It’s a mild blue dye that will cancel the yellow making the towels appear whiter. If the yellowing is caused by hard water, try adding a half-cup of Borax to the wash. It will soften the minerals and act as a laundry booster.

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