Traditional spring cleaning was intended to remove the soot and dirt from wood stoves, fireplaces, and kerosene lamps that built-up over the winter. To clean properly, open windows were necessary which could be done only when the weather was warmer. Certainly, the shorter daylight hours of winter meant less time devoted to cleaning for full-time housewives.

Today, spring cleaning may be an organized event in your home or something that you like to do over several weekends. Why not allow Lighthouse Windows to help you this year? Our professional maids will deep clean all the areas of your home that may require extra attention. Stained grout in kitchens and bathrooms, blinds, ceiling fans, and basements are just a few of the areas we love to tackle.

Our deep clean option is a top-to-bottom approach to cleaning and disinfecting your entire home. Washing walls and baseboards will brighten any room. High dusting of ceiling fans and corners will remove cobwebs and build-up. We can even change those burned-out pot light bulbs or high accent lights. In the kitchen, our team will degrease your oven, stove, and range hood so everything is sparkling clean. We will vacuum mattresses, move heavy furniture to clean underneath, and steam clean items on request.

Spring is a wonderful time to schedule outdoor and indoor window cleaning. Our exterior service uses filtered water to ensure your windows are streak and sediment free. No more water spots or missed corners with our patented high-reach system. Our technicians can clean exterior windows up to six stories high without a ladder.

Dirty screens obstruct your view, filter light unnecessarily, and trap debris between the screen and the window. Freshly cleaned screens are almost invisible and improve indoor air quality. We will remove each window screen for individual cleaning with soap and water. Don’t let dirty windows and screens ruin your views this summer.

Spring cleaning wouldn’t be complete without power-washing the deck and driveway to remove algae and dirt. Our professionals will thoroughly clean pavement, asphalt, wood decks, and more, quickly and easily. Selling your home? A deep exterior cleaning will improve your asking price and time to sale. Ask us how we can change the curb appeal of your home from average to outstanding!

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