Online guest services have become the go-to for many travellers because of the convenience and cost for premium or unusual accommodations. However, hosts are sometimes referred to as ‘amateur landlords’ in comparison to hotels. Here are some tips on how to be a professional AirBnB host by avoiding the most common mistakes.

Obviously, your ad should reflect the actual space being rented. Accurate details and wide angle photos will help potential guests determine if your space is where they want to sleep. Worried about some quirky feature? Consider fixing or highlighting it with an explanation that will appeal to some buyers. A bedroom without a window isn’t a closet, it’s a quiet space with total darkness to help overcome jet lag.

Cleanliness should be the very highest priority. A dated room with no view is tolerable if it is impeccably clean. The entire unit should be spotless. Ask us about our AirBnB cleaning service in Blue Mountains and Collingwood. Our professional cleaners use a detailed checklist to ensure your guests will be happy with the room. In addition, we use natural cleaners where possible. You could even say that your condo for rent is ‘eco-cleaned’. It’s a great way to differentiate from the competition.

Consider a push-button lock for the front door for guests who lock themselves out or lose keys. This handy feature allows them call you for a code so they can let themselves into the apartment. Set the intercom to call your cell phone so you can buzz them into the lobby from anywhere. Losing the physical keys creates special problems for both the guest and the host. The guest is forced to retrieve a spare key from somewhere and the host may need to rekey the locks. Avoid these hassles with a little bit of technology.

Guests want their own space even if they have rented a room in a shared house. Make it easy for them to retreat to their room by providing the essentials for an overnight stay. A coffeemaker and snack tray in the room is always welcome. Include decaf and a variety of teas for variety or a late night beverage. In the bathroom, some travel-size toiletries and a new toothbrush will exceed expectations. The more you can do to make the experience like a hotel, the happier your guests will be.

Setting house rules is important if you’re renting a room in the same dwelling. If you have to work early in the morning, state that with the expectation for quiet after a certain hour. Some people may be relieved to know that you’re in bed at 9:00 and up at 5:30. Birds of a feather flock together!

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