As a business owner, you can appreciate the need to protect your staff and your customers or clients. We have experience cleaning all types of businesses from offices to restaurants (one of the most difficult). Our staff are trained in the science of cleaning and disinfection. Let us help you with your daily commercial cleaning needs.

Cleaning tasks are organized into four basic areas: high touch, staff areas, washrooms, and extra sparkle in customer areas. Each area in your business requires a different cleaning method to ensure proper cleaning and disinfection without cross-contamination.

High touch areas require more frequent cleaning as they will attract dirt, grime, and germs. Fixtures such as door handles, phones, and light switches can become bacteria-laden transfer points for the flu, parasitic infections, and other nasty germs.

Staff rooms need to be disinfected regularly to prevent smells and potential food poisoning. Regular attention for appliances such as the fridge, dishwasher, and cupboards are part of the package.

Washroom fixtures are disinfected with appropriate cleaning solutions. All surfaces in the washroom are washed with a strong, all-natural solution that kills germs. Clean restrooms in the public areas of your business are essential to maintain a good image. Dirty corners and persistent odours reflect on your ability as a business owner to maintain your own property and protect customers.

Customer areas are cleaned from the perspective of a visitor to your business. The customer expects a professional environment. We’ll make sure your plants are watered, magazines are always stacked neatly, and carpet stains cleaned immediately. A well-maintained, fresh, and clean lobby is an invitation for a customer to do business with you.

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