Broadloom carpet can be a luxurious addition to any home. Besides feeling wonderful to walk on, it reduces noise and echo, increases floor insulation, and is a main feature in the decor. Some people prefer hard surfaces such as wood or laminates over carpet due to ease of maintenance. That doesn’t mean you should forgo carpet in your home if it suits your lifestyle. With regular maintenance, carpet can look new for many years.

New carpet is easier to look after, in part because of new technology such as anti-microbial ingredients or fibres that last longer and wear better. Older carpets can be rehabilitated to some degree with proper steam cleaning techniques and re-stretching to expose more of the underlay to vacuuming.

Always clean up spills immediately using one of these two techniques. Note that a natural cleaner is safer and can be more effective compared to some carpet cleaning solutions.

  • Step 1: If you have a wet-dry vacuum, vacuum the spill thoroughly and proceed to Step 2; if not, then remove solids by gently using a spatula in a scraping motion.
  • Step 2: Blot the excess liquid using a light or white cloth and firm pressure.
  • Step 3: After absorbing as much of the spill as possible, spritz down the area with a vinegar and water solution (60ml per litre of water). Let it soak for one minute before blotting with a new white cloth.
  • Allow to dry then vacuum. Repeat if necessary.

The most common contaminant is dust. Vacuuming produces an exhaust which should have a HEPA-type filter. This will keep the particulates from being blown back into the carpet or around the room. Use a quality bagless vacuum to avoid unnecessary costs and inconvenience.

The best maintenance is preventative so try to prevent soil from entering your home or business at the door. Well-placed mats and rugs can catch most of the dirt and grit before it lands on your carpet. At entrances, the mat should be several strides in length for maximum effect. Vacuum or shake door mats frequently.

Replace your furnace filter regularly. The furnace may have a setting that allows the fan to run without the heat. If so, consider running the furnace on a schedule during warmer months to improve air circulation, if you don’t already have air conditioning. This will capture air-borne particulates. Some filters are available with HEPA filters for extra protection.

Have the carpet professionally cleaned every year. The preferred method is hot water extraction, which uses very hot water to break down oils and other contaminants in the carpet so they can be vacuumed out under high pressure. A quality job will leave the carpet feeling ‘squeeky clean’ and not silky or sticky to the touch when dry.

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