We offer so many services to get you ready to enjoy Spring!

Window Cleaning

Lighthouse Group is your local specialist for window cleaning. We have experience with all types of properties, including residential, commercial and post-construction.

We use a Pure Water system, which employs a four-stage filtration system to deliver pure water to the window.

  • Utilizes reverse osmosis, carbon and de-ionized filters to produce 100% pure water to ensure a spot-free finish
  • No chemicals or detergents are used, making this process environmentally friendly and free of streaks or residue
  • Water-fed poles allow us to clean most windows up to 65 feet from the ground
  • The technician remains on the ground for maximum safety and minimal impact on landscaping and your home.

Traditional window cleaning leaves behind a sticky soap residue which attracts fresh dirt back to the window. Windows cleaned with Pure Water actually stay clean longer.

Power Washing and Soft Washing

Our skilled team provides both professional Soft Washing and Power Washing services. Soft Washing uses a biodegradable cleansing agent to reach down to the root of the contamination on the surface. Perfect for surfaces with mould or algae growth. Power washing removes surface dirt and stains using high-pressure water. Our technicians will recommend the correct service for your property.

Roofs, Siding, Driveways, Gutters, Decks, Patios and More!


Our professional house cleaning services can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as a one-off spring clean and can be personalized to meet your specific requirements.

We provide residential, commercial, post-construction and rental property cleaning. We also offer carpet and upholstery cleaning and wash and fold laundry service.

Gardening Services and Spring Planters

We offer beautiful custom planters and wreaths.

Our skilled team also provides a variety of gardening services. Let us take care of your spring garden clean-up and regular maintenance.

Call us, and let’s take care of Spring!