Pledge is a silicone-based enhancer for wood, stone, and plastics. It provides a protective coating that repels dust between cleanings. It’s usefulness extends beyond the coffee table, though. It can be used in all the rooms of the house, including the kitchen and bathroom.

Video screens of all shapes and sizes attract dust to the surface by static electricity. Dust can impede the light resulting in a dimmer picture with less clarity. Spray Pledge on a soft cloth then wipe the screen. Follow-up with a buff with a separate cloth to remove the excess and produce a streak-free finish.

Have a squeaky or stuck door? Aim the nozzle into the hinges and spray a generous amount while moving the door back and forth. The silicone will quiet the door and it’s more eco-friendly than using household lubricating oil. Summer humidity can swell doors shut tight. Spray directly on the door edge and door frame. Wipe then polish to a shine. Your door will open easily all summer long.

Pledge works on a variety of surfaces so you can use it everywhere. In the kitchen, it will keep stainless steel appliances looking new. After cleaning your granite or quartz countertop, use it to seal the surface and protect against stains. Be sure surfaces are clean and dry before applying for best results.

Sticky vinyl and wood windows slide like new with a quick spray and wipe. Vacuum and wipe clean the window channel before applying. Spray generously on the window track, wipe, and buff until it feels slippery. Test the window and repeat if necessary. You may need to do this every six months.

Did you know that Pledge can revitalize your leather couch if it has a shiny finish? However, it’s not recommended for unpolished or unsealed leather as these types will absorb the silicone and change the colouration. Clean the couch first with a saddle soap or similar product designed for cleaning leather. Spray on, wipe off, then use a fresh cloth to buff the surface.

Remember that Pledge can be slippery once buffed so be careful that overspray doesn’t settle on wood or vinyl floors. To remove it, use a window cleaning product like Windex.

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