Another #meettheteam ! Martina and I met when our kids were babies and I’m so happy she has joined our team. Also stay tuned for an exciting new offer of Seasonal Planters delivered right to your door from Lighthouse Group by @ecoplantcreations
What is your favourite part of working with Lighthouse Group?
Definitely the amazing team and camaraderie
Past career history?
Jack of all trades – cosmetics, retail, restaurants, customer service, circus coach and performer. Gardener by trade.
If given a chance who would you like to be for a day?
A cirque du soleil performer
Motto or personal mantra?
There shall be eternal sunshine in the grateful heart
Tell us a little about your family.
Happily married for 14 years, two boys, one Princess and one goofy rescue dog.
What has been your favourite project at Lighthouse Group?
Post construction clean at Georgian Peaks Ski Club – what an awesome new facility!
Last book you read?
Reread the Hero’s of Olympus books. I’m a sucker for teen fiction. #sorrynotsorry
What do you like to do in your spare time?
Fitness and take care of my plants