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Cleaning company advice

Read about our professional home cleaning methods, environmentally friendly cleaners, and some tips that make the work a little easier and better. We specialize in deep cleaning and AirBnB rentals.

Professional window cleaning

We use the patented Reach & Wash® system to clean exterior windows up to sixty feet high. Purified water and a soft bristle brush ensure sparkling clean windows with no streaks, spotting, or soapy residue.

Commercial & office cleaning

Commercial establishments, offices, and builders use our cleaning service to make their place of business sparkle. Open your doors each day and greet customers with a professionally cleaned place of business.

How to prepare for cleaning company services

General preparations

  • Provide feedback early on in the relationship so we can tailor the visits to your needs
  • If possible, meet the cleaners on the first visit and walk through the home with them and point out anything that might need special attention or should not be touched
  • Let others in the household know the cleaning schedule so they can prepare their spaces
  • If applicable, keep a good stock of your preferred cleaners and vacuum bags

Questions? Contact us for professional cleaning company advice on how to prepare for your maid service.

The day of service

  • Ensure the spare key, door code, and alarm codes are available
  • Remove clutter so cleaning can happen: cleaning and organizing are different tasks
  • Put away “scatter” which is anything out of its natural place like clothes on the floor
  • Load the dishwasher and put away food on the countertops
  • Find a spot for pets where they won’t be stressed by strangers in their home
  • Place clean sheets on the bed that needs to be changed
  • Write a list of special requests for the cleaners
  • Secure valuables such as cash and jewelery to avoid misunderstandings
  • Put away important documents, magazine, newspapers, etc. so they are not mistaken for trash
Professional cleaning company advice on how to prepare your home for maid service
AirBnB overnight and daily cleaning service preparations for your first visit