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Are your window screens dirty or blocked with dust and debris? Did you know that dirty screens collect dirt even faster than clean ones? That increases the amount of dust that attaches to your windows and enters your home when windows are open. Dirty screens obstruct your view, filter light unnecessarily, and trap debris between the screen and the window. Freshly cleaned screens are almost invisible and improve indoor air quality. That’s why it’s important to make screen cleaning part of your spring cleaning.

Unlike some companies, we remove the screens from the window frame then gently rinse loose debris and dust from the surface. Next, we use a soft bristle brush to loosen and remove embedded dirt from the screen and the metal frame. Finally, another rinse with clear water makes the screen look like new. After a short drying period, the screen is replaced into the window frame. In addition, we will:

  • Vacuum window sills
  • Make recommendations for repair or replacement
  • Clean our work area
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed

Schedule a window cleaning appointment and ask about a package price for windows and screens at the same time. Window cleaning requires that screens are removed from the window frame. It’s a good opportunity to do both tasks.

Our window washing system uses the patented Reach & Wash® system. Purified water and a soft bristle brush are mounted on an extending pole. We can wash windows up to six floors in height. We use purified water and no harsh chemicals or detergents so your windows dry streak and spot free. It’s a perfect match for our professional window screen cleaning service.

Window Screen Cleaning in Collingwood, Meaford, Blue Mountains

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