We are your holiday season helpers

Christmas light installation

Looking forward to your annual light display but no the work of hanging the lights or decorations? Allow us to help with your seasonal decorating needs. We have experience with all types of light displays, garland, wreaths, and more! After the holidays, we’ll come back to remove and pack your decorations for the following year. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Christmas tree delivery and removal

We deliver live Christmas trees from local Quesnels Tree Farm to your home or office. Every tree is delivered with the same care and handling that we give to our own. Ask your delivery person if you need help installing it in your stand. The only left for you to do is decorate. When the holiday season is over, give us a call to pick-up your tree, dispose of it properly and clean up debris.

Customer satisfaction

At Lighthouse Windows, a Christmas light installation isn’t complete until the customer is happy and completely satisfied with the finished look. Our installers will encourage you to work collaboratively with them to create a special display you can be proud of.

Each Christmas light installation is unique, from basic trim lights to a full lawn display of holiday accessories and effects. Show us what you want and we’ll do it for you. Here are a few suggestions for exterior light displays on Pinterest.

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction, but if for any reason you’re not happy with the service we’ve provided, please contact us, explain the problem and we’ll do our best to put it right.

Our friendly technicians are trained to work at heights and WSIB insured.

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Collingwood Blue Mountains Ontario Christmas light installation and removal

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